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‘Sonic Boom’ #2: More of the Same

‘Sonic Boom’ #2:  More of the Same

Sonic Boom #2 Cover

Sonic Boom #2 “Knuckleduster”
Written by Ian Flynn
Artist: Evan Stanley
Inker: Rick Bryant
Published by Archie Comics
Licensed by SEGA

Ah, the idea of an ongoing series. This is what Sonic Boom #2 goes for. With an interesting title for today’s tale being “Knuckleduster”, we soon find out that it is anything but.

The story once again opens on Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Sticks fighting Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik and his gigantic battle-mech. Soon, after a round of shouting plans and logos around, Sonic realizes that Issue #1 already did this joke, with Tails soon realizing that the mechanical suit is the same as from last time, fixed up hastily. The cool part of this is that all of the battle scars from the previous adventure are still visible,with robotic shoulders covered in plate metal and the windshield cracked in the center. Not soon after, Knuckles shows up and punches Sonic square in the head, and throws him in a cage, with Tails and Amy following in suit. Sticks displays her crazy side and hops in a cage she had somehow brought along with her. Apparently, Knuckles did not enjoy how harsh Amy had been with him in the last issue, and decided to team up with Dr. Eggman for a hot plate of revenge. This really brings to light how the characters have changed in the Boom-iverse as opposed to the games and main Archie continuity. Now, pestering dialogue and insults carry weight, Knuckles showing this the most. He is a bit stupid, as shown by a montage of things that Tails taught him to do on page 5, but he can make his own decisions without having the wool pulled over his eyes, even if he doesn’t fully think things through. Contrary to the title, “Knuckleduster”, there is much less brawling than it suggests, with the majority of the story being focused on what happens when you trash talk people too much.

Once again, the art style brought by Evan Stanley does a wonderful job showing what each character is feeling, adding a layer of Sonic boom #2 full Page
visual subtext to dialogue. During Knuckles’ realization that he messed up with his plan, he goes from obstinate to adding up his actions, realizing the ramifications of what he just did by capturing Sonic and his friends. Especially delicious are the panels on page 8 where Eggman is contemplating to either conquer a nearby village that resists his rule, or to simply destroy it. The kicker: He took some pork-chops out of the freezer for his dinner. This inner dialogue with himself is silly, and the art brings out the dark comedy of what to do with a village before the pork spoils.

Sonic Boom #2: does more of what the initial issue set in place. The wacky humor is still strong, and the art only backs the idea that this is, in fact, more of a comedy strip than something serious for the time being. With an inventive Issue #3 on the horizon, Sonic Boom seems like it is here to stay.