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‘Spider-Man and the X-Men’ #1 features oddball characters, and jokes galore

‘Spider-Man and the X-Men’ #1 features oddball characters, and jokes galore

spiderman and the xmen

Spider-Man and the X-Men #1
Story by: Elliot Kalan
Art by: Marco FalliaColors by: Ian Herring
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Wolverine is dead to begin with. How permanent is his death remains to be seen. For the time being though, Wolverine’s possessions have been collected and his last wishes read.  The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning will never be the same. As his replacement, Wolverine has chosen Spider-Man to fill the position of Guidance Counselor for a rather erhm, Special Class of mutants.

The premise of this series has potential. Wolverine fears there is a mole in the school and he needs someone he can trust to look into the matter when he is gone. Since Wolverine puts his trust in so few people, Spider-Man is, in a sense, the most logical choice give the friendship they built in Wolverine and the X-Men. Spidey isn’t a stranger to the X-Men either. He’s teamed up with them plenty of times throughout the years.

Unfortunately, Spider-Man receives nothing but hatred from everyone, and I do mean everyone. I get that this is mutant turf and Spidey is an outsider, but geez, they could save some of their hate for issue #2. The X-Men are furious Spider-Man, a non-mutant, was invited to their school to teach them, as Iceman puts it, “how to behave.” However, with great power comes great responsibility and if anyone can teach young mutants that lesson it’s Spider-Man.SMXMEN 2

After a less than warm welcome, Spidey finds himself in a rather uncomfortable situation, and as we all know, an edgy Spider-Man is a talkative Spider-Man. Speech bubbles filled to the brim with jokes litter the page which makes it difficult to see what’s going on.

The villains this time around are Stegron and Sauron, two relics from the past who writer Elliot Kalan is intent on making serious threats. Why not? This series is clearly going to be zany and over the top. All of Spider-Man’s students are relatively unknown, Spider-Man walks around campus with a sports coat on top of his costume, and the only way to Spider-Man can get through to anyone is to fight some baddies while talking about superhero ethics.

Spider-Man and the X-men is rated Teen, and that’s clearly the audience Kalan is aiming for. This series is not for everyone, so I would suggest checking out the preview provided by Previews World before you purchase a copy of your own.