Stunning Images from ‘Quentin vs. Coen Round Two’

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Last month, we reported on the art exhibit put on by Spoke Art titled Quentin VS Coen – a tribute to Tarantino & the Coen brothers, which featured work from over 100 artists inspired from the movies of Quentin Tarantino or Joel and Ethan Coen. Painters, screen printers and digital artists were invited to reinterpret their favourite scenes, characters and films from the heralded directors, resulting in an eclectic showing of inspirational fine art.

Well later this week, the battle will continue in San Francisco as Spoke Art presents Quentin vs. Coen Round Two, a follow-up exhibit to their wildly successful New York show. Several well known artists have contributed new art which fans can purchase beginning June 2 through June 30 at the Spoke Art Gallery, 816 Sutter St., San Francisco.

Quentin VS Coen – A Tribute to Tarantino & the Brothers from Colin M Day on Vimeo.

Ken Harman sent us over some exciting new images (seen below), of some of the work that will be presented. This show looks awesome. Check out the images after the break.

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Rhys Cooper
Brian Methe
Matt Dye


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