‘Godzilla in Hell’ #1- Abandon all hope… unless you’re Godzilla

Since the first appearance of Godzilla in Toho’s 1954 film of the same name, the King of Monsters has battled everything from robotic constructs like Mechagodzilla to a giant moth (Mothra), smog monster (Hedorah), and even a creature (Destoroyah) derived from the oxygen destroyer weapon used to defeat him in the original movie. The giant, nuclear-flame breathing dinosaur has faced very few challenges that he could not stomp his way over or bulldoze his way through, the 1998 film adaptation notwithstanding. But, one must wonder, how would Godzilla fare in Dante’s vision of Hell? Thankfully, in Godzilla in Hell, IDW seeks to answer that question.

2014: the year the Hollywood blockbuster got its groove back

There exists a myriad of reasons why it often feels so terribly easy to aim criticisms at these so-called motion picture events. Some of them are related to the perceived quality, others have to do what certain cinephiles with attuned tastes expect from their movie going experiences as patrons. Movies for which so much money and effort are necessitated in order to produce demand, for perfectly legitimate reasons, important dividends in the form of paid tickets at the theatre and subsequently profits via home viewing platforms.

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