The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) Quadron “Hey Love”

Quadron’s pleasant “Hey Love” kicks off this week’s list and it doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the list at all. Nice juxtaposition though, maybe? The performance driven video is fun and enjoyable as it focuses on a number of different dance routines, front woman Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj looks great too.


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4) Kingsley Flood “Sun Gonna Lemme Shine”
Directed by Chris Cannucciari

Our Editor-In-Chief Ricky D brought this music video to my attention this week and what a great, little video it is too. “Sun Gonna Lemme Shine” consists of a kid trying to fit in until all the other kids decided to adopt his uniques style instead. It’s crazy cute and the kid’s expressions are all spot on.


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3)Palma Violets “We Found Love”

This is an awesome party video primarily filmed with a head-mounted camera to further enhance the awesome visuals. Palma Violets express the bliss of getting fucked up at a party and the video captures a drunk vibe perfectly. Everything seems to be moving round the main character as he kisses girls, messes around with his friends and dances. The video comes along with an inevitable comedown as the video cuts to the group entering the harsh morning light.


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2)MS MR “Hurricane”

MS MR are an interesting band who produce strange videos often and “Hurricane” is probably the strangest yet. The video follows a number of strange things that are going from a lot of heavy petting to one girl bathing in heart-shaped sequins. As painted bright blue singer Lizzy Plapinger sings “Welcome to the inner thoughts of my working mind” the video gets weirder and weirder. The pastel colour scheme works pretty well, especially with slowmo.


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1) The Soft Moon “Want”
Directed by Grant Singer

The second half of this week’s list has shaped up to be the week of unsettling visuals. The latest from The Soft Moon is pretty intense and brings this list to a end perfectly. The video offers a skittering portrait of drug fuelled transgression, featuring breaking and entering, nudity, drug abuse and lots of violence. It’s grim, but matched with the band’s jarring post-punk sound it feels like a Gaspar Noe imitation.


You can keep up with and hear all of the songs from “The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week” posts on Spotify.


– Catstello





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  1. Amanda says

    Love the quadron video so much. Expecting big things from this band! Seeing them in NYC on the 25th and I’m super excited!

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