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The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) Veronica Falls “Waiting For Something To Happen”

Before I talk about this video I want to take a moment to mention the video that almost made this spot. An awesome Record Store Day release from Screaming Females and Garbage, it’s a great cover but this Veronica Falls video is just more interesting. “Waiting For Something To Happen” offers a fast-paced black-and-white montage of nature and close-ups of the band members’ faces. It’s also got a lovely vintage feel to it.

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4) Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge “Rise of the Ghostface Killah”
Directed by Adrian Younge

The video for “Rise of the Ghostface Killah” partially takes place in an old church and though the part of Killah is not played by Killah the video is still engaging and creepy. The only way I can describe what happens in the video is 70s Satanic cults and murderous revenge.

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3) Paul White ft. Danny Brown “Street Lights”
Directed by Plastic Horse

Similar to The Purist and Danny Brown collaboration seen in a previous 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week, comes another psychedelic animated video. The video for “Street Lights” is a simple and engaging quick-shifting collage of colourful images. We also get to see an animated Danny Brown and what goes on in inside his brain. Mr Brown seems to be a popular muse in the world of animation as this isn’t the first video to animate him.

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2) Surfer Blood “Demon Dance”
Directed by Malia James

Multi-talented Dum Dum Girls bassist Malia James directs this triumphant return for indie rock band Surfer Blood. Frontman John Paul Pitts stars in the video as an inexperienced security guard who has dirty and random daydreams. It’s a fun and pleasant video with a number of eighties-style imagery that really suits the odd alt-rock feel to their music.

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1) A-Trak & Tommy Trash “Tuna Melt”
Directed by Ryan Staake

The number one spot this week goes to A-Trak, Tommy Trash and Ryan Staake for this insanely awesome video. The video follows a crazy complicated contraption that goes through a nearly four minute long chain reaction. It takes places in a cool, extravagant house and features everything from dominoes, feathers, to an awesome underwater part with a toy submarine. The ending is great too and you can also watch a behind the scenes video.


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– Catstello