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The apocalypse is nigh in ‘Simpsons’ Marathon ad

The apocalypse is nigh in ‘Simpsons’ Marathon ad


We reported earlier this week that all of humanity would begin to unravel when FXX’s marathon of all 552 episodes of The Simpsons begins on August 21, leaving 12 full days of waste, neglect and ass grooves in couches. Well that reality has come to pass in the latest ad promoting the marathon, bluntly stating “We’re all going to die” in between clips of the show scattered across TVs in an abandoned wasteland of a city, presumably because the entire world has sold their soul to the devil for a donut and a chance to watch “Behind the Laughter” at 2:00 AM. Soon three eyed fish will rise from the sewers, people will attempt to breed their dogs to the cat to the tunes of Barry White, elephants claimed in radio contests will roam the streets, heads will be sawed off beloved statues, a mad tyrant will blot out the sun and people will mindlessly recite the phrase “No beer and no TV make Homer something something.”

Or something like that. Watch the ad via The Simpsons Facebook page below: