The 5 Best Music Videos Of The Week

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5) Wavves “Afraid Of Heights”
Directed by BLACK // DOCTOR

This week’s list begins with another great video from both Wavves and BLACK // DOCTOR to accompany the release of “Afraid Of Heights”, you can check out the previous one here. With a more fuzzy, classic Wavves feel the music video shows frontman Nathan on a double date and band mate Stephen Pope in drag. There’s a serious John Waters vibe present and the ending is bizarre and dark.

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4) Passion Pit “Cry Like A Ghost”
Directed by DANIELS

Passion Pit have a collection of heartfelt and unique videos (“Carried Away” and “Constant Conversations” to name a few) and their latest video “Cry Like A Ghost” falls into the latter category. Directed by DANIELS, (who has an impressive catalogue of music videos) the video consists of a young woman dancing around in a creepy forest as she thinks about her ex-boyfriends. It’s pretty well choreographed making it engaging and matches the electro-pop vibe perfectly.


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3) When Saints Go Machine “Love And Respect”
Directed by Frederik Hviid & Sebastian Birk

Copenhagen electro-pop group When Saints Go Machine released an eerie new single this week with a surreal, badass video to accompany it. Directors Frederik Kviid and Sebastian Birk construct some surreal scenes from a harrowing Scandinavian crime underbelly that could exist? Real or not it’s incredibly beautiful and features images that will haunt.


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2) Team Spirit “Jesus, He’s Alright”
Directed by Ian Perlman

Former Passion Pit member Ayad Al Adhamy’s band Team Spirit released a suitably fun video this week in time for Easter. “Jesus, He’s Alright” is directed by Ian Perlman and features some great animation from Swedish duo HannesJohannes. It’s part one in a series of five and essentially depicts a party in a church where Jesus(?) and a bunch of nuns gamble and drink. It’s harmless and amusing and the animation really makes the video. The band also feature in the video which is a nice touch also.


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1) Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Sacrilege”
Directed by Megaforce

The epic and powerful new single from Yeah Yeah Yeahs forthcoming album “Mosquito” finally has an excellent video to accompany it. British model and actress Lily Cole star in the video playing a woman whose appetite and promiscuousness lands her in trouble in what appears to be a very strange and small town. There is an impressive level of plotting and characterisation for a four-minute music video. The non-linear narrative structure is not only engaging but it also leaves it open for different interpretations. Did they really sleep with her or is it all in their heads? Either way it’s a great song/video.


Tara Costello

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