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‘Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues’ #4 concludes a daring quest with the push of a button

‘Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues’ #4 concludes a daring quest with the push of a button


Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #4

Written by: Erik Burnham

Art by: Nacho Arranz

Colors by: Esther Sanz

Questerians, our mission to undo the mess on planet Dryth caused by the Omega 13 device comes to an end in Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #4. 

When last we saw the crew Tommy was injured by enemy fire and had to be sent back to the Protector to recover. The crew seemed to be up a creek with no paddle-until Brandon tags in.

Brandon, who has a degree in engineering and actually knows how to work basic alien tech thanks to the Thermians, joins the team and makes short work of the soldiers guarding the entrance to the Irraka Control Station. Effectively providing a somewhat safe passage (there’s a small incident involving lasers) to the main control room where the self destruct button is found in less than two seconds. As usual, the crew saves the day and returns home victorious.

Meanwhile, back on Earth Guy attempts to hold the Galaxy Quest Convention together. He’d probably be more successful if a certain alien in disguise wasn’t knocking out every hipster who has shown up at the Con as an ironic gesture.galaxy quest 4

Tongue and cheek to the end, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #4 provides Sci-fi fans with a Protector shaped mirror to look through. Though the finale lacked a final battle of sort, fans of the film know that a clean cut ending is exactly what Galaxy Quest shoots for. After all, the Commander and the crew aren’t actually protectors of peace. They are actors trying to enjoy the spotlight once again. Galaxy Quest isn’t trying to reinvent the Sci-fi genre, it’s poking at all the common television tropes with a wink and a nod to fans at every turn.

True, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues lost some of its spark in the translation from film to comic, however Eric Burnham and his team were able to keep the heart of franchise beating strong. Talks of a Galaxy Quest television show in the works had to be influenced by something.

It is safe to say that the “Never Give up, never surrender” spirit is still alive and well. Until next time Questerians!