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The Originals, Ep. 2.09, “The Map of Moments” hosts a sweet family reunion

The Originals, Ep. 2.09, “The Map of Moments” hosts a sweet family reunion

The Originals, The Map of Moments

The Originals, Season 2, Episode 9, “The Map of Moments”
Written by Marguerite MacIntyre and Julie Plec
Directed by Leslie Libman
Airs Mondays at 8pm EST on The CW

On this week’s The Originals, Hayley and Klaus reunite with baby Hope, Rebekah helps Elijah and Klaus plot against their mother, Davina grows closer to Kol, and Cami tries to reason with Finn.

The Originals may only be halfway through its sophomore season, but the show sure knows how to deliver a solid, and thoroughly entertaining, mid-season finale. Of course, it helps that the episode features both Elijah and Klaus cooing over a baby girl, as well as enough familial drama, surprise twists, and romantic encounters to keep fans satiated until January.

Esther and Mikael’s reunion isn’t quite as satisfying as the reunion each parent has with their children, but it’s still a fascinating glimpse into their fractured marriage–with parents like that, it’s no surprise that the Mikaelson siblings are as broken and scarred as they are. While Mikael is too one-note to be an intriguing antagonist, Esther remains a terrifying threat; in her own twisted way, she does appear to love her children, but she’s too psychotic to just forgive them for her mistakes. It’s a good thing she seems to be sticking around for at least another episode, because she really creates some interesting dynamics among her children, especially when it comes to who is on who’s side.

Easily the best part of the episode is Hayley and Klaus’s reunion with Hope. It’s just sweet enough without being sappy, especially as the family has fought so hard to be together again. Also, the reunion is just an excellent way to bring cheer to a holiday episode–it’s much more satisfying than any cliffhanger could be. Plus, the interactions among the family members bring some much-needed levity to the story. And, when considering the family drama the Mikaelson’s have been plagued with for centuries, Hope presents a new and better chance at a happy family that Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah have long been without.

Unfortunately, Hayley’s strange werewolf marriage ritual is still underway, but it sure leads to an impressively hot sex scene, which effectively negates any complaints against the storyline. And Yusuf Gatewood is an insanely good actor–The Originals is lucky to have him. He definitely makes Finn a far more compelling and frightening character than he ever was on The Vampire Diaries, and it’ll be fun to learn a little more about the most alienated Mikaelson sibling.

“The Map of Moments” is a deliciously satisfying mid-season finale, and a nice precursor to the latter half of the season. With new threats on the horizon, like Esther’s long-lost sibling Dahlia, and a couple of twisty cliffhangers, The Originals shows no sign of slowing down after the holidays.

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