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Three actors that could replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

Three actors that could replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

Iron Man Casting

There was a hope among much of the fans lately that Marvel and Robert Downey Jr. would be able to renegotiate his contract so that he might be able to stay on as Tony Stark AKA Iron Man long past The Avengers 2. Sadly, this is not the case and, moreover, it’s looking like Marvel Big-Wig Kevin Feige has hopes of “James Bond-ing” Tony Stark, which is to say that they want to recast Tony Stark for as long as they can. Given that, here are three actors that would be a good choice to play the snarky billionaire:



Clive Owen

Before Downey was cast as Tony Stark, Clive Owen was very heavily in the running for the part. It only makes sense that Marvel would once again go back to the well on this one. The most important thing is that Owen could grow one very nice looking goatee and that’s what really counts.


Jon Hamm

The single most essential element of an actor playing Tony Stark is their ability to pull off the swagger and attitude of this eccentric playboy. Jon Hamm, having played Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men, has swagger in spades and has proven from movies such as Bridesmaids and Friends With Kids that his comedic timing and talent is as good, if not better, than anyone in the industry at the moment.


Timothy Olyphant

Like Jon Hamm, Timothy Olyphant has made quite a name for himself on TV in the last few years and, as such, isn’t exactly hurting for work. He’s proven over the last decade that he has very serious acting chops having had starring roles on TV shows such as Deadwood and Justified. In both of these shows, he’s played roles where he’s the “biggest man in the room” and that would translate nicely to Tony Stark. More than that, Olyphant can already channel Downey’s way of talking anybody around a circle and into a box. Let’s not forget the swagger, either. Olyphant’s got some swagger and then some.

Is there someone you’d rather see replace Robert Downey Jr. that didn’t appear on this list? Would you rather they retire Iron Man altogether? Let us know in the comments.