Toronto After Dark unveils its final wave of exciting film announcements for 2015


The tenth annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival kicks off in a couple weeks and the festival has finally announced the second half of titles for this year’s lineup as well as the Canadian and International shorts. PopOptiq will once again be covering the event so be sure to check back at the end of the month. Here is the press release.

The Hallow (Ireland) Toronto Premiere

Possibly the scariest film in this year’s Toronto After Dark lineup, The Hallow from the producers of Let Us Prey terrified audiences at Sundance on its debut. After a young family move from the big city to a peaceful Irish woodland cottage, their dismissive attitude to folklore legends angers the local townspeople. It’s not long before the family members find themselves in a desperate fight for survival in a prolonged confrontation with some vicious creatures lurking in the forest.

The Hexecutioners (Canada) World Premiere

Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Monster Brawl) from a screenplay by acclaimed writer Tony Burgess (Pontypool) The Hexecutioners is a chilling new rural horror thriller with shades of cult classic shocker The Wicker Man. Two young nurses who specialize in treating the terminally ill are summoned to stay at an isolated mansion deep in the countryside. On their arrival, they encounter a series or bizarre and sinister characters including a hideously deformed old man with a terrifying dark past.

Backtrack (Australia) Canadian Premiere

Oscar Winner Adrien Brody and the iconic Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) deliver polished performances in this creepy supernatural horror thriller that haunted audiences at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. After a series of unnerving ghostly encounters in the city, a troubled psychotherapist returns to his rural home town to try and solve the dark mysteries that date back to his childhood.

The Diabolical (USA) Canadian Premiere

Single mom Madison (Heroes‘ Ali Larter) and her two children are awoken nightly by strange and terrifying apparitions in this supernatural thriller from the producers of The Pact that unnerved audiences at SXSW. Seeking help from her scientist boyfriend, they embark on a hunt to destroy the violent spirit that paranormal experts are too scared to take on.

Gridlocked (Canada) Canadian Premiere

Die Hard meets Assault on Precinct 13 in Gridlocked, a crowd-pleasing throwback to fan favourite action movies. A group of deadly mercenaries led by Stephen Lang (Avatar) attack a police facility with a sinister ulterior motive. It’s up to a hardened officer (Prison Break‘s Dominic Purcell) and his sidekicks that include Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) and WWE star Trish Stratus to repulse the invaders using every weapon they can lay their hands on.

Shut In (USA) Canadian Premiere

Panic Room meets You’re Next in this gripping home invasion horror-thriller, full of shocks and surprises, from the executive producer of Insidious. After three criminals, including fan favorite Martin Starr (Dead Snow 2) break into a supposedly empty house, they find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the occupant, a shy young woman with a few nasty tricks of her own to play on the invaders.

Night of the Living Deb (USA) Canadian Premiere

In this crowd-pleasing zombie comedy in the mould of Shaun of the Dead, the sleepy New England town of Portland, Maine awakens to an apocalypse of the undead kind. It’s left to awkward local girl Deb, Ryan a guy she’s just had an embarrassing one night stand with, and his eccentric dad played by fan favourite character actor Ray Wise (Twin Peaks) to band together to figure out how to defeat the blood-thirsty horde!

The Interior (Canada) Toronto Premiere

A unique blend of dark comedy and creepy horror, The Interior scored rave reviews on its debut earlier this year at the Fantasia Film Festival. Tired of the corporate life, a frustrated young office worker quits his day job and flees the city to go on a camping trip by himself, deep into the forest. His sense of tranquility is replaced by fear when it becomes clear that someone sinister is also out there, lurking in the woods.

The Hollow One (USA) International Premiere

In this sinister supernatural horror-thriller, with nods to cult classic Hellraiser, a discovered artifact unleashes a demonic force upon the people of a small farm town. With most of the townspeople turned into possessed minions, two young sisters find themselves in a race against time to try and stop the sinister force before its evil purpose is achieved.

28 Short Films Announced!

Fans can also look forward to two fantastic showcases of cutting edge genre short films at this year’s festival!

Canada After Dark: 19 outstanding Canadian short films will screen at this year’s festival. And as per tradition at Toronto After Dark, one in front of each of the Feature Films: Chasing Death, Dead Air, El Gigante, F**k Buddies, from Out, Heir, Home Sweet Home, I am Coming to Paris to Kill You, Ibop (International Brotherhood of Pancakes), Let Me Down Easy, Nihil, O Negative, Out of the Mold, Point of View, Portal to Hell, Sleep Monster, The Champ, The Orchard, This Home Is Not Empty

Shorts After Dark: 9 incredible International Short films will screen this year as part of the popular international short film showcase: Awesome Runaway, Black Forest, Boniato, Exordium, Manoman, Movies In Space, Myrna the Monster, The Guests, Vicious


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