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Unfortunate ‘Tremors’ reboot on the horizon

Unfortunate ‘Tremors’ reboot on the horizon

Deep under the surface of Hollywood ideas, treatments and discarded scripts roams something hideous, gliding blindly and occasionally breaking the surface whenever enough buzz about it is at a certain pitch. It never takes much noise, just the aloud musings of one executive as he ponders, “Reboot?”

Not long ago, the franchise reboot replaced the one-film remake as the Hollywood trend for critics to complain about. And this most recent news doesn’t do anything to sway opinion toward the positive: Arrow In the Head is reporting that director Don Michael Paul is talking about taking over the Tremors franchise.


“After I finish up Company Of Heroes: The Fourth Reich I will be headed to Johannesburg, South Africa to reboot the Tremors franchise for Universal,” Paul wrote. Paul’s previous work includes Lake Placid: The Final Chapter and other sequels that involve colons.

As you may recall, Tremors began as a sleeper hit in 1990 starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, spawning three direct-to-video sequels and a short-lived TV series. It is the only recent film involving giant, man-eating sand-worms, with the exception of Beetlejuice, to meet any success. The only other that comes to mind is David Lynch’s Dune, and most know how well that went.

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A reboot also suggests an entirely new cast, meaning that fans of the original are already missing franchise regular, gun-nut Burt Gummer (Michael Gross). Bacon refused to return for a second film, and Ward dropped out soon after. Add to that bad news the fact that the proposed director’s most well-known work is a Syfy original film, and nothing about this bodes well.

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