Weekly Round-Table: Avatar

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Three weeks. That’s all it took for director James Cameron’s 3D spectacle Avatar to become the second-highest grossing film in worldwide box-office history.
And we didn’t really like it all that much. Clearly, we’re in the minority.
But regardless of our reticence to embrace a Pocahontas video game, what does this mean for Hollywood? Is this the dawn of a new age of 3D? Will every year see a new age G.I. Joe movie unspooling on IMAX screens across the country? Why the fuck didn’t I think of sticking dragons in Dances with Wolves to make a billion dollars? Does nobody else have a problem with portraying native cultures as Daisyworld hippies in need of a white leader? Good questions, all.
Tonight, we here at Sound on Sight are launching a new round-table discussion segment, during our Spierig Brothers hour, and this week’s subject is the impact of Avatar. But forget what we have to say about it: we want to hear from you, our readers and listeners. Listen to the show, and drop us a line with your thoughts, either in the comments section below, or by emailing [email protected] .
  1. Ricky D says

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  2. Ian says

    Hi Guys, liking the roundtable discussions, great new idea!

    I really liked Avatar and I think the big reason for this was that it was the first movie that I have seen in 3D, and visually I thought it was incredible. Yea the story has been done before but hey look at every type of movie genre and a lot of them have the same type of story so that didn’t bother me that the story wasn’t too original. When I think back on it now though, I don’t think I would watch it again. I wouldn’t rent or buy it on dvd and wouldn’t be pushed on getting it off the net either. so for me the 3D I think is the way its going to go. It will be interesting to see with all the new 3D movies coming out to see how they do, before Avatar you had the Alice in wonderland 3D and Shrek 4 3D trailers and both will probably do really well because of the new technology and it is getting people back in the cinemas.

    Titanic still bugs me…………..can’t stand it!! Give me Avatar anyday over it, makes me laugh that movies that wouldn’t be considered to be Camerons best do the best for him! Typical!

  3. Chris says

    Is Avatar ridiculous and stupid? Yes. Was it incredibly entertaining? Yes. I usually agree with the opinions of you guys but the separation between the quality of Avatar and the original Star Wars seems completely wrong to me. Both are ridiculous, non-sensical blockbusters that fully deliver one level and fail to deliver on another. For what Avatar wants to be it is.

    With that said James Cameron is also a complete genius at dragging 13 year old American boys into the theatre for repeat viewings. Both Titanic and Avatar are PG-13 rated films in America with tits (not to mention what appear to be seizing vaginas on the necks of all of Pandoras creatures.) Maybe it’s just a wild guess of mine but I’d guess there’s a handful of sexually repressed mormon kids out there spending 12 hours and 40 dollars a day on repeat viewings.

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