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33 Games for 33 Years – Part 2

33 Games for 33 Years – Part 2

This is Part 2 of  my list of 33 games I’ve played, that I decided to share and comment on for fun, since I turned 33 on the 16th. There is so much to say that I’ve had to break this down into a few blogs. Here’s a link to Part 1 in case you missed it. Once again, you can refer to the numbers I’ve associated with each one to read my little blurbs about them below the list. Commentaries may contain spoilers.

11) Fable / Fable the Lost Chapters

fable 1

I group Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters together since it’s basically the same game, except The Lost Chapters is extended, with a bonus extended ending and boss fight that’s even better than the original ending. The story was neat and I really liked Jack of Blades as the antagonist. Since you can only play as a male, I had him walk around burping all the time, and the ladies still swooned. ‘’Yay, hurray.’’ And there’s a teddy named ROSIE! That’s my plushy’s name, and my alter ego! (One of them at least.) What bugged me was the bystanders. Like, MOVE! You see me, fighting a bandit, swords are clashing and you are standing there going ‘’oh dear, this isn’t good’’. Well it’s not my fault if you get injured, just move out of the way! Despite that, the story is pretty deep, I liked it, and it’s the best of the Fable games IMO.

12) Fable 2

fable 2

Fable 2 had some fun moments. I remember walking around Bowerstone Market and a little kid asks ‘’Has anyone seen Rosie?’’ And I was like: ‘’She’s right here! Rosie’s right here!’’ Although the story does not have as much depth, there are a lot of nice elements to the story and characters, and a lot of speculation about that dark shadow figure being Theresa. I also like that you get a little dog companion to help you out. It’s a cute aspect. I’m not much of a dog person but he’s so adorable. Plus, I could change hairdos everyday in this game, change hair color everyday; if only it was that quick and easy in real life (it takes me over an hour to re-green my hair!).

13) Fable 3

fable 3

More of a sequel to Fable 2 than to anything from Fable, I like how there was an evolution in generations and things have changed around Albion, some characters are the same and new characters arise. It’s nice. You still have the whole “buy a house, rent it, make money, own the whole city” aspect as seen in Fable 2 and you can still change your look every minute if you want. I remember a lady jumping excitedly asking me to bring her Reaver’s Underpants! Now he’s a funny guy, a little eccentric, but funny. You also get to judge people’s crimes and decide things for the kingdom, which is a new aspect the other games did not have and an interesting one at that. Fable 3 sets the tone for future games. It is disappointing that Peter Molyneux stopped making the games as the new ones aren’t as good storywise and are not worth mentioning in this list. I’d like to see a Fable 4, and I’d like to speculate that the shade/darkness that oozes everywhere is actually Jack of Blades in a new form since he can’t exactly be destroyed so easily, kind of like the Emperor in SWTOR. Anyway, perhaps one day we’ll see the real Fable 4 come out.

14) Mass Effect 1

mass effect 1

You speak. I’ll say it again. You SPEAK! Your character speaks. Commander Shepard has a voice. It was very new at the time and it wasn’t that long ago. How we get used to our characters having a voice so quickly. I admit I’m more into fantasy than sci-fi but this game is E.P.I.C. It’s the only game where it can be considered to be a shooter game that I have played. I don’t play shooter games. (SWTOR doesn’t count, you don’t have to aim, you just click or press numbers.) And at that, I was Biotics every time, so I had a sort of magic. The choices you have to make are tough… I literally had to put down my controller, go for a walk, think about my decision and what impact it might have before deciding for sure. Even if I could reload a previous save. (No, not that one, choosing Kaidan over Ashley was easy. I mean the other ones.) It’s the beginning of something so much more massive. And it has its own lore as well. New species, new planets, never before seen cultures. ‘Enthusiasm: You get to play the same character throughout the entire trilogy!’ ‘Oh, this one is amazed by that.’

15) Mass Effect 2

mass effect 2

You still have a voice. And you’re the same character. Although much longer than the first game and parts of it seem a bit like a filler, the characters are some of the best (I’m looking at you Mordin, sing for me some more.) And you learn more about what’s going on in the galaxy and what the whole deal with these Reapers are. And that Suicide Mission has the most epic music and goosebump creating scenes. Everyone lived. Because I kept Mordin (squishy) in my party and bought all the upgrades.

16) Mass Effect 3

mass effect 3

Ok, I won’t repeat what I repeated earlier. There are scenes, some sad, some touching, some epic, and I cried. Everything comes together and unfolds and it’s up to you to decide the fate of the galaxy in the end. This third installment is different than the other ones, it’s more serious. It’s no longer “let’s fight and win”. It’s “let’s survive or face total annihilation”. I know some people were seriously disappointed with the ending, but when you get the best possible ending, it’s not so bad. It’s made to leave you feeling sad that it’s all ending. An end once and for all. By the way, I suggest you google ‘’Indoctrination Theory”. It changes everything. I admit that now I’m an Indoctrination Theorist.

17) Dragon Age: Origins


This game is so rich with lore and each sequel expands on this lore so much. Origins is the beginning of an era. It is the Age of Dragons. But dragons are not the forefront of all this. There is the Blight, the Chantry, darkspawn, Elves, Dwarves, societies of all races, and the history from codex entries when compiled together form a history book worthy of the same admiration as the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I am as into Dragon Age as I am into Star Wars. Ok, maybe a bit more Star Wars, but only because it’s been around a lot longer. DA is up there with it with my favourite stories. It’s up there with Lord of the Rings.

18) Dragon Age 2


This one’s a bit more of a filler, but Chapter 2 is really good and the DLCs are really good as well. I enjoyed it, and it fills the gaps in terms of the lore that Origins didn’t cover, only because it didn’t have the chance or time to cover it. It also establishes lore and characters for Inquisition, and that makes me appreciate it even more.  I would have liked a few more links to Origins and hints to Inquisition, but Inquisition more than makes up for those details where DA2 is lacking.

19) Dragon Age: Inquisition


I’m not done with this one yet. I need an Xbox One to complete the game. I couldn’t help myself from checking spoilers and videos for Trespasser online. I love the bard songs and the story has so much more depth than the other two DAs. Inquisition is the epitome of Dragon Age. (Only if DA4 is better will I transfer the merit over.) I have so many theories on DA4, I will be making videos in the near future on that. And…question, am I the only one obsessed with a specific Elf? I don’t know, I have never been more moved, swooned and heart wrenched by a character. There has not been a more tragic character. I guess Solas merits his own blog.

Thanks for reading. More coming soon.