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    18 Different Types of Hair Brushes

    Hair brushes were initially used as a styling tool that only the affluent could afford. They were so precious that they were gifted during special occasions and cherished for life. In the late 1800s, hair brushes were handcrafted and consisted of carved or forged wooden handle and handstitched bristles. The Kent Brushes is the world’s […] More

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    13 Different Types of Crochet Hair

    Crochet hair or crochet braids refer to the method of adding hair extensions. It’s so-called because it uses a crochet needle to loop the crocheted hair under the cornrows and secure it with knots. It’s unlike a weave, however, because it uses loose hair instead of on a weft. Crochet hair is a growing trend […] More

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    10 Features the Best Hair Salon Scheduling Business Software Offer (Checklist)

    If you run a salon business, you need powerful and integrated salon scheduling software. Read about these 4 must-have scheduling software features for a salon. Increasing Efficiency with Integrated Salon Scheduling Software You have to be efficient when running your own salon. Hopefully you will have a string of clients coming through the door for […] More