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Fantastic Fest Debates 2011: Elijah Wood Challenges Dominic Monaghan

One of the many ways Fantastic Fest sets itself apart from other film festivals is by organizing events that don’t necessarily involve watching movies. One of the highlights every year at what the festival likes to call Fantastic Debates, features feuds between filmmakers, critics, and festival runners, settled during a night of public debates, alcohol and boxing.

Last year’s Fantastic Debates main highlight involved Alamo Drafthouse president and Fantastic Fest co-founder Tim League squaring off against Michelle Rodriguez, star of Girlfight, and not to mention a professionally trained boxer.
This year, in honour of the regional premiere of the acclaimed Irish bare-knuckle boxing documentary Knuckle, the debates will culminate in a fight-to-the-pain featuring Knuckle star and undefeated bare-knuckle brawler James Quinn McDonagh versus Fantastic Fest Co-Founder Tim League. Also added to the line up is Elijah Wood (one of my favourite actors and star of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and Faculty – to name a few) challenging Dominic Monaghan. You can watch Wood’s challenge in the video posted under the Fantastic Debates line-up below. Enjoy!

Elijah Wood vs. Dominic Monaghan
Debate Topic: WORLD OF WARCRAFT. The LORD OF THE RINGS cast mates reunite to debate about the famous RP game.

Astrophysicist Andy Howell vs. NASA Hater Hunter
Debate Topic: The Honor of NASA. Andy arguing for NASA and Hunter, well, judging from his nickname, you can probably guess where he stands.

Nathan Zellner vs. David Zellner
Debate Topic: Robots are superior to humans in every way. Nathan arguing pro, David arguing against.

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