James Franco will star in Stephen King’s Kennedy Assassination drama for Hulu


Back in September we reported on a Stephen King novel, 11/22/63, concerning the Kennedy Assassination, being turned into a Hulu miniseries as produced by J.J. Abrams.

The story is about a man named Jake Epping who stumbles on a time travel portal back to several months before John F. Kennedy was killed and his goal to stop the event from taking place, despite some complications by Lee Harvey Oswald, Jake’s romance and the nature of history and time travel.

Now James Franco has been tapped to play Jake, Deadline reported Thursday, adding that although the order is for a nine-part “event” miniseries, Hulu is open to additional seasons.

It’s still unclear whether the show will be offered exclusively for Hulu Plus subscribers or to any Hulu users, and just how Hulu plans to roll out the series. Time will tell though whether landing big names such as King, Abrams, and now Franco will help Hulu seriously compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon in the original programming department.

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