Super Mario silver edition amiibo figure hits stores on May 29

The world of amiibo is getting bigger, and Nintendo shows no signs of slowing down in producing new figures. Not too long ago, rumours of a silver Mario circled the world wide web. It was pretty obvious Nintendo would release a sterling figure but the question was when? Now we have our answer. A new Mario – Silver Edition amiibo figure is headed to major retailers nationwide and their respective online destinations at a suggested retail price of $12.99. The silver-colored figure will be available in stores on May 29. As with the other Mario amiibo figures that have already launched, the Mario – Silver Edition amiibo will have the same functionality and work with all games that are compatible with Mario amiibo. Hopefully, this new amiibo won’t be hard to find, otherwise, Nintendo fans might have to turn to scalpers and pay a heavy price in order to complete their collection. Check out the figure below, and be sure to check out our Nintendo podcast for more information on all things Nintendo.

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