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  • Maps to the Stars - Mia Wasikowska

    Cannes 2014: ‘Maps to the Stars’ the darkest comedy of Hollywood aspiration

    Los Angeles, the city that homes the superstars and studios responsible for mainstream cinema culture, has consistently received its due criticism from those who either reject it or work within it. Look no further than Thom Andersen’s nearly comprehensive Los Angeles Plays Itself to see the town utilized as an easy space for shooting, a battleground for the melodrama of the privileged, and home field for telling stories about the storytellers. The business-driven artistic culture that pervades the town has been satirized in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Player, and Barton Fink to the point that a simple update of finger-pointing to the 21st century may be seen as a rehashing. Bruce Wagner’s crazy script for David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars instead paints the town as a machine capable of rehashing through its own ghostly presence of the-machine-that-once-was: a cycle so foreboding that it must be spoken of through horror tropes. More

  • the_lego_movie-wide

    Recommended Reading: Cronenberg’s visual shock, 2014 Cannes winners, Philip Seymour Hoffman and drug laws, Woody Allen speaks out, and more

      Russell Brand: Philip Seymour Hoffman is another victim of extremely stupid drug laws. Toward a Kingdom Without Kitsch. How they made the Lego Movie. Cannes Winners To Be Unveiled Early. Gravity Becomes Third Movie to Cross $100 Million in IMAX Theaters. Woody Allen Speaks Out. David Cronenberg’s Visual Shock. Jared Leto’s Heckler At Dallas […] More

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    ‘Demonlover’ – High-Tech Collectivities of Desire

    “To describe the spectacle, its formation, its functions and the forces which tend to dissolve it, one must artificially distinguish certain inseparable elements. When analyzing the spectacle one speaks, to some extent, the language of the spectacular itself in the sense that one moves through the methodological terrain of the very society which expresses itself […] More

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    Deconstructing Body Horror

      Your muscles contort. Your skin bubbles and stretches. Your loins throb and your limbs writhe. You thrash in the throes of excruciating pain and agonizing pleasure. Before you even realize your body has betrayed you, like a snake shedding its skin, you are born anew. Perhaps the most visceral of the horror genres, body […] More

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    TIFF 2013: The Cronenberg Project

    Long Live The New Flesh: The Cronenberg Project  Additional details announced for The Cronenberg Project, including major exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution, art exhibition, two film programmes, special guests, eBook, digital extension and virtual museum **** Toronto – Piers Handling, CEO and Director, TIFF and Noah Cowan, Artistic Director, TIFF Bell Lightbox along with David Cronenberg came together this […] More

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    Friday (neo)Noir: ‘A History of Violence’ marks Cronenberg’s stunning venture into high minded drama

    2005, judging by the theatrical releases, was an exceptional year for the neonoir sub-genre. Last summer, for the special Friday (neo)Noir series, reviews for Rian Johnson’s breakout independent hit Brick and Robert Rodriguez’s cinematic visualization of Sin City, both from 2005, were written. A couple of weeks ago another neonoir from the same year was put under the microscope, Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This week features, yes, still another entry from that illustrious year, one from the most lauded director of the bunch, David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence. More

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    ‘Antiviral’ an icky if slightly too unbelievable new body-horror film

    There is, one imagines, a breaking point with exactly how infatuated any of us will be with the modern celebrity. We fawn over them in tabloid magazines, keep tabs on their romantic lives, and get angry when they make choices we disagree with, but how far are we willing to go? Would any of us actually want to be infected with a virus or disease simply because a celebrity got it first? More

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    Staff List: The 40 Best Films of 2012

    #20: Cosmopolis (50 points) Directed by David Cronenberg Written by David Cronenberg Canada / France, 2012 Every time Cronenberg answers the prayers of his fans with a new movie, it seems that the first reflex is to attempt to categorize it. Is this new film more like the old Cronenberg, in which very strange, very […] More

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