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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #14

    The Taken King has now been out for over a month, and Bungie is giving it all they’ve got to keep Destiny relevant amidst a whirlwind of new releases.  This week the Two Man Fireteam predicts changes coming to the most recent raid when its hard mode hits, discusses the return of the PVP Iron Banner […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #13

    Undoubtedly The Taken King is an enjoyable game.  That alone doesn’t mean Bungie succeeded in the goals it set for the latest Destiny expansion.  This wild episode features Tim and Ryan discussing whether or not Bungie met the goals they set for themselves.  In lucky episode thirteen, they also discuss the lead up to and result of the […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #12

    Get ready, Guardians.  The Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris Crucible modes are returning for the first time since before the launch of The Taken King and Update 2.0.  Ryan and Tim share their favorite weapons right now, beginning to answer the question of if Gjallarhorn has been replaced, their thoughts on the changes to Iron Banner […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #11

    The Two Man Fireteam has been playing Destiny for over a year.  They clearly enjoy the game, so, with regards to The Taken King, which is undoubtedly a great expansion, they might be slightly biased in its favor.  What about the Kinderguardian (ie. a player who’s new to Destiny) they interview?  Listen as Tim and Ryan talk to […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #10

    Now that The Taken King has arrived, it’s about time he fell.  Join the wizards behind This Podcast Came From the Moon as they challenge King’s Fall, Destiny‘s latest raid.  The Two Man Fireteam chats about what they’ve been up to, including plenty of time spent in strikes, the Court of Oryx, and the raid, some strategies […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #9

    After months of anticipation, The Taken King is finally here.  Listen as the Two Man Fireteam gives their impressions on the next year of Destiny.  This week’s podcast covers all things Taken King including a discussion of whether the dlc redeems the game’s narrative shortcomings, a review of the campaign, a discussion of the new strikes and whether or […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #8

    The first year of Destiny is coming to an end, and with Destiny: The Taken King just a week away, Year Two looms over us.  To celebrate the transition, the Two Man Fireteam dedicates this episode to discussing the launch of 2.0, remembering and ranking everything from Year One, before concluding by looking forward.  This extra long […] More

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    This Podcast Came From the Moon #4

      Gamescon has come and gone, but with it came the next wave of trailers, footage, and information about The Taken King.  This week, the Two Man Fireteam dives deep into the footage and reveals, discusses Destiny‘s changing mechanics (light, vaultspace, and the Tower), incoming content (multiplayer maps, strikes, guns, and armor) and what it all might […] More

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    The Definitive Kubrickian Films: 20-11

    My first real attempt at understanding the brilliance that was Stanley Kubrick came in my freshman year of college, when I wrote a research paper on 2001: A Space Odyssey for an English class. After all that work, I only received a B and found myself more confused than ever. But there it was – […] More

  • Lunarcy! 2012

    EIFF 2013: ‘Lunarcy!’ is an affectionate, witty documentary about colonising the moon

    Simon Ennis’s Lunarcy! is an affectionate, knowing documentary that looks at a diverse group of individuals who share an obsession with the moon. The star of the piece is Christopher Carson, whose enterprise, The Luna Project, is aimed at kick-starting the process of moon colonisation. Armed with the slogan, Luna City or Bust!, he travels to science fiction conventions, high schools – anywhere he might find a disproportionate number of geeks – spreading the word and raising money to get his project off the ground. If this was a dramatic film, he would have to be played by a young Jeffrey Combs – he has that combination of weird wit and obscure intelligence – but is a lot more self-aware than he initially appears. More

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