Videocast: Front Row Center Episode 3: ‘I Saw The Devil’

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Anyone with an interest in genre cinema and a pulse has surely noticed that South Korea has been the source of many of the last decade and change’s best thrillers, action and horror movies – Ricky D will let you in on his favorite Korean movies ever, but only after we take on I Saw the Devil, the ultraviolent new serial killer flick from director Ji-woon Kim (The Good, the Bad and the Weird).

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    1. Anonymous says

      I’ve been listening to your podcast forever and I can’t tell you how glad I am see finally get a video podcast!,
      I’ve now watched all of the FRC video casts and have LOTS of feedback –
      First of all, the first episode was shit but luckily gives you much to improve on. Your two hosts were SO awkward which made me very unsettled as a viewer. I was like they were being held in that theater at gunpoint and forced to give movie reviews. As cinephiles, you should know that you have to utilize the visual medium and the first episode seemed like a video version of your radio show. If you’re producing something that people are supposed to watch, you need to provide figures that are watchable. In episode 1, I was distracted for 5 minutes by Justine playing with her hangnail…Also, there was no humor in the episode and everybody’s voices were monotone. And NO SMILES! Neither of your hosts seemed happy to be there. Simon seems comfortable enough in front of the camera, but he doesn’t make eye contact or look at the camera (or even sit up straight!)
      That said, episode 2 was an improvement because Derek was pretty relaxed, looked comfortable and was his normal sarcastic self. Neither of them were particularly dynamic but Derek was funny and spiced up the monotony a little… Plus, the subject matter was interesting.
      Now on to episode 3…. the best! Really awesome. And here’s why : Ricky! You are so dynamic and full of energy! You move around, wave your arms, get excited and alter the tone of your voice. Also, you are so, so handsome! In all, a real treat to watch. And it was great to watch you and Simon “argue”. This is why people watch TV – for drama! And this was a great review! Will definitely check out this film. I don;t want to sound harsh because each episode is getting more and more refined and more interesting. #3 was hands down the best so far. Keep up the good work!

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