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10 of the Most Expensive Fountain Pens (Mind Boggling)

10 of the Most Expensive Fountain Pens (Mind Boggling)

The price of these fountain pens take “cost per word” to a whole other level.

Nowadays, fountain pens are often considered luxury goods, even though there are now pens on the market that can mimic the writing quality of fountain pens.

Fountain pens are a favorite for calligraphy enthusiasts and even professional artists in need of perfect ink distribution for their artwork. Others buy the most expensive fountain pens in order to relieve themselves from stress from writing with a normal ball point pen.

These pens are also works of art, making them a favorite item for collectors everywhere, because each collector wishes to showcase the artwork used in the design of the pen’s body and the structure of the inkwells which makes the fountain pen work.  In fact, some people even use beautiful pens as an alternative to wedding rings (it’s rare, but it happens).

Out of all the available fountain pens on the market today, here are 10 of the most expensive fountain pens money can buy from the world’s top fountain pen makers.

10. Parker Duofold Giant 125th Anniversary Fountain Pen: $28,000

10-Parker Duofold Fountain Pen

Price: $28,000
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From one of the leaders in pen making, Parker introduced this exquisite Duofold Giant Limited Edition fountain pen as part of its 125-year anniversary in the business. The pen is made with quality black resin which is sheathed in an 18-karat solid gold casing. There are 16 diamonds located in both the cap and the barrel, which is carefully arranged to help the user concentrate and become inspired as he/she writes with this pen. The nib, ring and décor is also done in a tasteful 18-karat solid gold and only 125 numbered pieces are available on the market. Parker also claims the 125 pens are different from one another, guaranteeing uniqueness.

9. Montegrappa Senna Legend Resin and Gold Fountain Pen: $29,000

Price: $29,000
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This limited edition fountain pen is included in the 20 years’ legacy anniversary of Ayrton Senna, which is dedicated to his fans. Montegrappa, in this version of the fountain pen for the F1 hero, made the entire barrel out of black resin with gold for the cap and the barrel. Much like the Gold Champion version, several engravings are located in the body, such as tire patterns of a formula one car, a scepter like clip with Senna’s logo, and the F1 checkered flag. This pen also has an 18k medium nib and Senna’s signature is engraved in the cap in red.

8. Montegrappa Pele P10 Resin and Gold Fountain Pen: $32,000

8-Montegrappa Pele P10 Fountain Pen
Price: $32,000
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This fountain pen is another limited edition variant for the Pele collection of Montegrappa. This time, the entire pen is made out of black resin with silver trimmings to celebrate the legend of the “King of Football” himself. The clip of this one of a kind fountain pen shows a scepter fit for the king with a miniature football with a sapphire on top of it. The signature of the football legend is also engraved in the cap in white. This pen comes with a 18k medium nib and it also has gold touches for the cap and the barrel.

7. Omas William Shakespeare Limited Edition Gold Fountain Pen: $40,000

7-Omas William Shakespeare Gold Fountain Pen

Price: $40,000
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If you have seen the manuscripts of Shakespeare’s classics and want to write just like him, why not get this one of a kind limited edition fountain pen by Omas. This specific pen is one of 23 in the world and designed in celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday anniversary. The pen is made from oak and 18 karat gold, embossed with the designs of his signet ring, currently held by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. The cap also has designs of various friezes seen in old England with a portrait of Shakespeare himself and the quill-styled clip is made out of antique silver.

6. Montegrappa Senna Champion Gold Fountain Pen: $45,000

6-Montegrappy Senna Champion Gold Foutnain Pen
Price: $45,000
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F1 fans of Brazil legend Ayrton Senna would love this limited edition fountain pen by Montegrappa as it reflects Senna’s entire legacy. The entire body is finished and lined in gold, much like the F1 hero’s preferred awards and several engravings in the body show Senna’s logo, signature, tire patterns and the F1 checkered flag. This fountain pen also comes with a gold cap to protect the 18k medium nip for that beautiful writing experience. This fountain pen was released for the 20 years Senna gave to his fans and for the growth of F1 and each pen is numbered to guarantee that it is a limited edition piece.

5. Montegrappa Pele Heritage Gold Fountain Pen: $60,000 – $70,000

5-Montegrappa Pele Heritage Gold Fountain Pen
Price: $60,000 – 70,000
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Are you a fan of football legend Pele? Well, this is your fountain pen as this pen features the colors which the football legend is known for. The main barrel of the pen is finished in guilloche under translucent blue enamel that is similar to the shorts used by Pele and it even has a notch on the bottom. The blind cap matches the legend’s socks and it also has the same green and yellow stripes to it. At the nib end, it has Pele’s signature engraved on it and the three years he won the FIFA World Cup for Brazil.

4. Montegrappa Chaos Limited Edition Gold Fountain Pen: $65,700

Price: $65,700
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Sylvester Stallone is not just an actor and a director, but he also designs pens. In collaboration with known pen maker Montegrappa, Stallone introduced his personal designed limited edition fountain pen called “Chaos”. The designs were inspired by 16th century artists like Albrecht Durer and Antonio Pollaiolo, giving these pens a sense of the Renaissance period, but with a touch of the modern world. The body of each pen – both in silver or gold variants – are made with black pearlized celluloid with either sterling silver or 18k solid gold. Red and yellow translucent enamel was also used for several accents of this scary but unique pen depicting life and death.

3. Montegrappa Genio Creativo Salvador Dali Limited Edition Solid Gold Fountain Pen: $86,000

3-Montegrappa Genio Salvador Dali Gold Fountain PenPrice: $86,000
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Fans of the work of surrealist artist Salvador Dali would love to have this beautiful and unique fountain pen as it reflects the designs from some of the artist’s well-loved paintings. Montegrappa worked with Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali for the project in celebration for the artist’s death anniversary. The Solid Gold versions of the pen – 19 rollerballs and 61 fountain pens – commemorates the creation of the piece “Space Elephant” which was made in 1961. The motif for this piece is also based from this Dali classic as it has a blue body with silver pieces forming the clip and the tip, much like the one seen in the artwork. Every fountain pen is numbered and comes with a beautiful casing with an engraving of Dali’s signature.

2. Montegrappa Alchemist Gold Fountain Pen: $105,000

Price: $105,000
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In light of the release of the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, Montegrappa designed a limited edition series of its fountain pens and rollerball pens designed after this well-loved masterpiece. 1987 pens are included in the series with 16 distinct gold pieces with diamonds, 8 fountain pens and 8 roller balls. The fountain pens are designed with the embodiment of the riches or elements depicted in the novel, done with enamel for coloring the elements with several engravings showing the alchemic symbols. Each pen comes with a wooden box with the signature of the renowned author himself, and each pen is numbered for authenticity.

1. Caran d’Ache Caelograph Zenith 45, 23 diam, Rose Gold Massif Fountain Pen: $133,000

1-Caran dache Caelograph Zenith Gold Fountain Pen

Price: $133,000
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This beautiful fountain pen of Caran d’Ache features a solid 18 carat gold nib in medium with an option of a piston ink pump or ink cartridge for its users. This fountain pen’s design is a work of art as its body is made out of gauge brass with a rose-gold finish and engraved with Greek characters. Furthermore, a special feature allows you to use a part of the body as a calendar. A night blue Chinese lacquer which features the sky is also in the body. It even has a 22 diamonds throughout its body and in the clip set.