Remake of Let the Right One In can Reeves pull it off?

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letmeinconccept11Whenever Hollywood chooses to do a remake of a movie – let alone a horror movie – one can hear the collective groan of film buffs everywhere. Murdered were such horror films as Shutter, Halloween, The Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the list goes on. Now on the chopping block is the 2008 masterpiece Let the Right One In, a low-budget Swedish film from director Tomas Alfredson and writer John Ajvide Lindqvist, who also wrote the book. The mood, subtleties and timing of this film are so rare in mainstream movies that once over, you understand how quality-starved society actually is.

Directing the new version Let Me In, set to hit theatres in 2010, is Matt Reeves whose previous projects include Cloverfield, a tedious, lacklustre monster movie. His record, or lack thereof, as a master of the intricacies of horror is worrying to say the least.

It’s rumoured that Phillip Seymour Hoffman will play a role in the film alongside Kody Smit McPhee who’s confirmed to play the role of Owen, the character formerly known as Oskar. Who will take on the lead female role of Eli has yet to be announced.

  1. doctor says

    Jeez… enough with the vampire movies. The past few years have really been tough for a fan who thought the genre was just mainstream enough. we finally get a movie with a much different feel than what’s being produced and Hollywood decides to go and gives their best imitation..

    Hollywood needs an overhaul.

  2. Alek says

    I’m pretty sure Reeves knows what he’s doing. Unlike Alfredson, he actually knows what the audience is after. I’ve really great hopes for this movie, and they include:

    – fast soundtrack (either rock or death metal)
    – SWEEPING STRINGS in the key moments of the film to underline their emotional impact
    – car chases
    – explosions
    – martial arts. Seriously. Swedish waif might have give Oskar sage advice, but her American counterpart should tutor her protegee in martial arts, and shouldn’t be above kicking some ass herself!
    – Government Agency For the Extermination of Vampires. Or something in this vein. You know, the guys who drive around the country in black cadillacs, wear black suits and black glasses, and flash their IDs before unsuspecting citizens. And they hunt vampires.

    – Gay romance between Osk… err.. Owen’s father and his drinking friend.

    Taken together, these will combine into a movie that will kick the swedish ass of Mr. Alfredson. He’ll be ashamed he didn’t create something like that instead of indulging in Bergmanesque aestethics. Go, Matt, go!!!


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