Supergirl, Ep. 1.04, “Livewire”

Supergirl finally seems to be settling into its general week-to-week plan after three uneven installments of table setting and character background for Kara, Alex, and the whole superhero situation. Whether the episode is actually good at executing what will be the show’s long term plan as a procedural is an entirely different discussion.

Supergirl, Ep 1.01, “Pilot”

Holy exposition, Batman! Or, as is more appropriate here, that exclamation should end with Supergirl. After all, that is the hero whose past most of the episode spends time unfurling.

Madam Secretary, Ep. 1.18 to 1.22 confidently closes off its first year

The final few episodes leading up to the season finale have been very episodically written and above all entertaining. The cast remains strong and the standalone crisis are interwoven well with the ongoing narrative. The series as a whole has been one of the finest and consistently compelling new shows of the year. Madam Secretary maintains its ground by having clear and relatable characters in situations that are compelling and diverse and with a strong perspective. The political procedural drama has really grown into a really impressive and worthy television staple and earns its much deserved second season.

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