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    We Will Leave Someday: Jia Zhang-ke’s Westward, or Eastward Departure

    The entwined subjects of time passing and landscapes changing have always been synonymous with the work of Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke; his latest feature, Mountains May Depart, expands these ideas to a point that exists beyond any previously established horizon. The film may well be Jia’s most ambitious to date, in this respect: it spans three decades […] More

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    Limping, Lisping and Lobstering: Escaping Yorgos Lanthimos’ Hotel of Purity

    Back when Greek auteur Yorgos Lanthimos first clambered barefaced upon the international stage with his daring Dogtooth, quite a few hastened to mention its striking resemblance to Arturo Ripstein’s similarly self-contained The Castle of Purity, made some 35 years earlier. In the wake of his first English-language effort The Lobster, one might even go further and compare all that Lanthimos has done thus far to Ripstein’s film: the […] More

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    Video of the day: The work of Spike Jonze

    Youtube user Miguel Branco put together this 2-minute reel commemorating the feature-length films of writer/director, Spike Jonze. The video showcases his growth through the years, as well as his passion through every frame. Here’s what he has to say about the project: Spike Jonze is an American filmmaker born in Maryland, United States. Although he’s […] More

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    Camera Technology & TV Production

    Whilst the development of technology continues at such a rapid pace, the brightest and most talented innovators amongst us persist in creating new and exciting technologies for us all to enjoy and benefit from. And it’s the media industry that often benefits so greatly from these new devices and modernisms. For television and movie productions, […] More

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    The Definitive ‘What the F**K?’ Movies: 40-31

    As you can probably tell, this list feels more arbitrary than others. That’s not by design, but the unfortunate premise of the list leaves some room for interpretation. As we move forward, we will start seeing the films that, if you asked a lay person to give an example, would probably be a response. In […] More

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    Halfway Mark: The Best Movies of 2014 (so far) Part 2

        15. Stranger by the Lake Directed by Alain Guiraudie Written by Alain Guiraudie France Though Stranger by the Lake premiered at last year’s Cannes Film Festival (and appeared on Sound On Sight’s best of 2013 list), it finally reached North American audiences in January of this year. Alain Guiraudie’s stunning noir-tinged thriller is […] More

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    Halfway Mark: The Best Movies of 2014 (so far) Part 1

    Picking the best movies that come out in any given year is no easy feat. For film fans, a quality feature can come out at any time, from any one, and discovering an enjoyable and well-crafted feature is truly a pleasure. As we reach the halfway point of the year, many excellent films have already […] More

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