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  • Michael Gambon as Doctor Who ally Kazran Sardick

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Kazran Sardick

    Kazran Sardick was raised by an abusive father, Elliot, who was absolutely focused on profit. Kazran, like his father before him, controls the airspace of Sardicktown and has grown into a very Ebenezer Scrooge-like character when he first meets the Doctor, who needs his permission so the crashing ship Amy and Rory are on can safely land. The Doctor, presumably inspired by A Christmas Carol (he is a Dickens fanboy, after all), decides to give Kazran the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future treatment, rewriting much of his childhood, to turn him into the kind of man who will allow the ship to land. More

  • Camille Coduri as Doctor Who ally Jackie Tyler

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Jackie Tyler

    Jackie is the single mother of the teenaged Rose when her life is turned upside down by Rose joining the Doctor in the TARDIS. She ends up embroiled in several of the Doctor’s adventures. Despite her (comparatively) lengthy association with the series, we know very little about her outside of her relationship with her daughter. More

  • Kylie Minogue as Doctor Who ally Astrid Peth

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Astrid Peth

    Astrid is a woman from the planet Sto who took a job as a waitress aboard the starliner the Titanic so she could see the universe. Little is known of her life before this, other than that she was bored with it and wanted to expand her horizons. More

  • John Levene as Doctor Who ally Sergeant Benton

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Sergeant Benton

    Sergeant Benton is an officer working with UNIT. Though he does share two stories with the Second Doctor, one as an unnamed soldier, he functions primarily as an ally for the UNIT stories of the Third and Fourth Doctors. We know little about his past, but he does serve as a contrast to Capt. Yates, implying he had a decidedly less privileged upbringing. More

  • Catrin Stewart as Doctor Who ally Jenny Flint

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Jenny Flint

    Jenny is a Victorian-era maid who is involved with Madame Vastra when we first encounter her. They eventually are married and begin functioning as detectives in London, providing the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes and Watson, along with fellow Eleventh Doctor ally Strax, their butler. More

  • Jean Marsh as Doctor Who Ally Sara Kingdom

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Sara Kingdom

    Sara Kingdom is the dedicated, powerful, top agent for the Space Security Service, working under the traitorous Gaurdian of the Solar System Mavic Chen, when she meets the Doctor. Initially an antagonist, Sara discovers Chen’s treachery and switches allegiances, working with the Doctor to bring down him and his allies, the Daleks. More

  • Bernard Cribbins as Doctor Who ally Wilfred Mott

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Wilfred Mott

    Wilfred Mott is a pensioner and an amateur astronomer whose love of the stars has rubbed off on his adventurous granddaughter, Donna Noble. Wilf is a veteran, having served in WWII, though without killing anyone, and he is able to relate to the Doctor as a fellow former soldier. More

  • Penelope Wilton as Doctor Who ally Harriet Jones

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Harriet Jones

    Harriet Jones is a public servant representing Flydale North at 10 Downing Street when she becomes swept up in the Doctor and Rose’s attempts to stop the Slitheen. When we later encounter her, she’s risen to Prime Minister and though she’s driven out of office, she continues her work defending the Earth from her home. More

  • Richard Franklin as Third Doctor Companion Mike Yates

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Mike Yates

    Capt. Yates is likable and charming. He has somewhat of a potential for romance with Jo, but little comes of this on the series. He’s an able officer and his eventual complicity in a scheme to return the world to the time of the dinosaurs (due to concerns over the planet’s health) comes as a complete shock. This is one of the most effective twists in the classic series, demonstrating Mike’s determination (however misguided in this instance) to save lives and fight for the common good. More

  • Dan Starkey as Doctor Who ally Strax

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Strax

    Strax was a commander in the Sontaran fleet when he encountered the Doctor. To restore the honor of his clone batch, the Doctor sentenced him to service as a nurse, constantly having to help others recover from their wounds rather than inflict them, and this role actually suited him well, despite the bluster he initially demonstrates. Strax quickly grew into a firm ally of the Doctor, a wholly individual Sontaran, unlike his clone batch brethren. Thus far, Strax appears to be an anomaly- all the other Sontarans we meet are solely focused on conquest with very little if any unique or defining characteristics. More

  • Lindsay Duncan as Doctor Who ally Adelaide Brooke

    Doctor Who Ally Profile: Adelaide Brooke

    Captain Adelaide Brooke is the famed commander of Bowie Base One, the first human colony on Mars, famous for mysteriously exploding. Orphaned during the Dalek attacks (the events of “The Stolen Earth”/“Journey’s End”), Adelaide grew up fascinated with space after staring into the eyestalk of a Dalek hovering outside her window who flew back to base and left her alive, rather than killing her as by all accounts, it should have. She dedicated her life to science and exploration, though she also had a family- a daughter and eventually, a granddaughter. When the Doctor stumbles upon Adelaide and her crew, he knows their death will galvanize the planet, particularly Adelaide’s granddaughter, and push the human race out to the stars, making the events on Mars a fixed point in time. Adelaide has a degree in mathematics as well as a doctorate in physics and she has extensive training as an astronaut, having worked for NASA before starting her work at Bowie Base One. More

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