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‘The Fix’ #1 questions the gap between police and thieves

The Fix is an easy sell without any need of a blurb of plot, characters, or even preview art pages. If you have read and loved the slick humour embedded within the brilliantly hilarious Superior Foes of Spider-Man, seeing Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber working on the same book again should be enough to warrant a buy.

Cell by Cell: ‘Bitch Planet’ #6 Part 6

In this Cell by Cell, I look deeply into the panels of BITCH PLANET #6, pages 11-12, appreciating and analyzing the story and artistic composition. In these two pages, Mr. Braxton gets down to business with Makoto. And business is blackmail.

‘Rat Queens’ #15 Asks Demon or Queen?

Rat Queens #15 finishes out the “Demons” arc with revelations and character rebirth, all driven by the question: demon or Queen? At the heart of this is a he said/she said retelling of how Hannah got kicked out of Mage University that ends with miscommunication and missteps. This final issue of the arc slams the reader in the best narrative ways and puts an emotional cap on what has been a stellar arc by Wiebe.

Cell by Cell: ‘Bitch Planet’ #6 Part 5

In this Cell by Cell, I look deeply into pages 9 and 10 of BITCH PLANET #6, appreciating and analyzing the story and artistic composition. Mr. Braxton appropriates culture ignorantly, as a set of symbols without deeper meaning or larger context, and then assumes he knows the value of it. His attitude is of the imperialist, exploring and claiming what he sees as his right. He manipulates the vulnerability he has found in Makoto in the interest of taking even more in his sense of privilege and power.

Danger lurks in ‘Descender’ #11

Descender #11 is a dramatic conclusion to yet another satisfying arc. It’s got gorgeous, complex characters, and plenty of ways to pull out your heartstrings. Recommend for fans of science fiction with heart.

Snow is Rarer Than Gold in ‘Snowfall’ #1

A number one issue is a tough thing to figure out, especially when building your own world as Joe Harris and Martín Morazzo are doing in Snowfall #1. The balancing act between setting up your story and characters, while maintain the mystery and intrigue that will draw them back for issue two is maybe one of the most difficult things to do in comics.

Things are revving up in ‘Saga #34’

Saga #34 is a solid issue with great art, strong storytelling, and serious themes for intellectual discussion. It’s a turning point in this story arc and pinpoints to epic events on the horizon. Strongly recommended for fans, newbies, and lovers of good stories in general.

Cell by Cell: ‘Bitch Planet’ #6 Part 4

In this Cell by Cell, I look deeply into the panels of pages 7-8 of ‘Bitch Planet’ #6, appreciating and analyzing the story and artistic composition. These two pages develop the relationship between Makoto and Meiko as he shows her the final blueprints of the spaceship they’ve designed together for the Protectorate.

Every Body Serves the Fathers in ‘Bitch Planet’ #7

DeConnick and De Landro blow the doors off the second arc with stark ironies, nauseating apathies, and contrasting raw emotions. Stakes get higher and allegiances get muddied as the lesson once again rears its ugly head: all bodies serve the Father–male and female, guard and prisoner, black and white. And bodies are disposable.

“The Autumnlands” #9 continues the epic journey

With detailed art, surprising character growth, and a set up for bigger revelations, The Autumnlands #9 is a satisfying entry in the new smash hit fantasy series. If you’re a dedicated fan, there is no reason you shouldn’t pick up this issue.

‘WicDiv Vol. 3: Commercial Suicide’ Shines in Fragments

Fans of the series should not miss Commerical Suicide, which gives deep character insight and thematic development to the questions of identity, personal and public, through disparate experiences and art that solidify the similarities inside celebrity and fan alike.

Paper Girls #5 Featured Image

‘Paper Girls’ #5: Now is Gone

Vaughan gives satisfaction in the answers but also a tantalizing peek of what comes next. I cheered. This is a winning arc conclusion to an outstanding new series.

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